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TMCO has been in existence since the 2001, initially as Tmco Jordan Industries, and since 2010 as TMCO (Technical Engineering Co.). TMCO has managed to gain great accumulated experience in fabrications all the steel superstructures which can be built on mobile wheels.

TMCO is specializes in design, engineering and building of the largest range of “bodies” for commercial vehicles and trailers in the region. TMCO works either as sub contractor to the truck dealers, or directly in their name where they procure the chassis, or on free issue chassis from the client/end user.



TMCO's Ambulances conversation is available on a wide range of Vans, Chassis Cabs or Cutaways; each comes with a specific design to suit the client’s requirements, and with a whole host of equipment, paramedic equipment and accessories. Our range includes type I, Type II and Type III with or without high roof conversions. It also includes conversion on Vans, Bus Vans and (4x4) SUVs as well as hearse Ambulance conversations. But all units are built to the exact quality and finishing standards and the flexibility of options.


Tanks cover broadly 3 sectors, with each product being specifically designed to suit the client’s needs: -

  • Application for Fuel Sector: Products include various sizes and configurations of fuel tanks, refuellers / defuellers, liquid sulphur tanks and acid tanks. Each product is either truck or chassis mounted, as required by the client, and for each there is a wide and varied list of options and accessories. We also provide skid mounted tanks mainly for oil and gas industry.
  • Application for Water Sector: Products include a large ranges and specifications for water tanks, ranging from potable to non potable, sprayers and so on, all trailer or rigid mounted. Construction material and processing also varies according to the needs.
  • Applications for Vacuum Technology: Products include vacuum tanks, jetting tanks and combined jetting and vacuum units, either trailer based or chassis mounted. Each product comes with a variety of options including booms, tipping and full hydraulic controls.


TMCO Coach building is based on provision of specialist products to our clients, to a Varity of applications, ranging like extendable units for horse boxes, mobile offices command units, mobile homes desert buses, mobile clinics, mobile catering units, outside broadcast units and hydraulically based sideways extendable units.

Coach building by definition, involves a details eye to finishing and to the materials being used. Each units is specifically engineered, design, specified and finished to the client's particular requirements. Each product is specially designed bearing in mind the client's operational requirements, ranging from interior decoration to air-conditioning, and from tooling to equipment and accessories.

In addition, the units provide specialist bodies for the armed and security forces covering transport, command and control and assistance application.


TMCO's General and Specialist Transport Products cover a whole range of applications. These include "Engineering and hydraulic intensive" products such us slidebacks, Wreckers, Skip loaders and hook lifts trucks, all to a Varity of sizes and payloads and features.

TMCO have also long been established as builders of quality cargo bodies in whole variety of applications include for Military and Civilian applications, as well as Tipping Trucks and Trailers, including rock bodies.

Other applications supplied by TMCO include Curtain Siders, Bulkers, Car Carriers, Flat and Low Beds.

In addition, TMCO Design, build and fit out to specific client requirements a varied range of Mechanics Trucks and Workshops.